Lune Croissant Melbourne

Melbourne’s Lune Croissanterie

Lune Croissant Melbourne

Considered home to one of the best croissants in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD (according to people who write about such things), Lune Croissanterie was a real good draw card when my family was deciding where to meet for Christmas.

We considered Argentina and Hawaii and LA but all those places had one thing in common: no dependable, quality, best-in-the-world type of croissants. So, Melbourne won. Melbourne always wins!

Thanks, Lune. We’ll see you at The Lune Lab and every other (we’re not that crazy) day after starting December 22nd.

Lune Croissanterie
119 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
(03) 9419 2320


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If Only You Were Here!

Above you will find me welcoming you to the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, otherwise known as my home. My playground, if you will.

I’ve got to admit that I have a big, silly, embarrassing crush on Fitzroy. I wish everyone just “got”  what she’s all about straight away. I think Fitzroy is a place you have to know to appreciate, but once you spend a days together she becomes your best friend in the whole wide world. If we could get friendship bracelets we would (she’s just a bit too “big” for that but please don’t tell her I said it).

Photo comes courtesy of Jackimo Postimo.

Ice Cream is Upon Us All!


Guys! The day is basically here and ice cream is upon us all! Expect a lot of exclamation marks in this post; I apologize in advance. Gelato Messina will finally open up in Melbourne tomorrow, Thursday November 14th to be exact! And what a beautiful date that is.

The magical wonderland is located on Smith Street in Fitzroy. That is approximately exactly a two minute bike ride and an eight minute walk from my house. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW GIDDY I AM! I am paralyzed with excitement!

Coincidently I’ve been in Sydney for work this week, and you better believe I grabbed a salted caramel scoop in a scone my first night up here, rain falling, cold wind thrusting and all. I’ll go again tonight to keep the momentum going. But! I really just can’t wait to fly back to Melbourne, buy my first full tub, take it home, and enjoy the extraordinary flavors of Messina from my very own couch!

Hahaha. Remember back in the beginning of July when I nervously asked Messina if they could please open up in Melbourne? Who would have thought it was that easy!

Gelato Messina
237 Smith Street, Fitzroy

If You’re Wondering Where to Get a Snickers Milkshake…


There’s a little place in Fitzroy that makes the best milkshakes in this part of the world, in my humble (but correct) opinion. What I like most this little place is that I really have to work to get my milkshake and I have the option to play sport while I enjoy my milkshake as to work out all those extra calories I really didn’t need, but desperately wanted.

Red Triangle is the name, and pool is the game. You may have known about this dimly lit pool hall located on Argyle Street off Brunswick Street since it’s been up and running since 1977. If I had to guess I would say they have never undergone a big makeover; It’s all part of the charm though.

If you haven’t made your way up those 3 unsteady flights of wooden stairs, wondered if that closed door is the right one, and commented to your date (great place of a date!) (if you’re good at pool) how cool the oversized chess board to your right is then you must go*!

Going to a place like Red Triangle may seem intimidating, or at least it was for me. I thought I needed a leather vest with my initials on it, a smoking habit or to be cast in Sons of Anarchy. What a silly girl I was to think that! The interior fits that setting, but the people inside surely don’t! The staff is friendly and encouraging. If you are a beginner at pool, they will help you pick out the best table, stick size for you, and give you some hot tips. They also don’t get annoyed with me when I take 3 minutes longer than everyone else to choose my milkshake flavor. And I thank them for that because it’s a hard decision which you do not want to get wrong. Tiramisu, Hot Jam Donut, Cherry Ripe, Snickers, Twix. I mean, that’s a tough bunch of options to choose from.

I’ve gone with the snickers milkshake every single time so far, but I swear one of these days I’ll try something different. Probably on our next rainy day date, which cross my fingers is coming soon. The weather is on board for Monday… Jack?

* It’s probably best to go of a cloudy rainy day as you will truly be seeing no light. The windows are covered with black fabric. But! definitely still pop in on a sunny day because they do take away milkshakes!

take away milkshakes boyandgirlmilkshakes

Red Triangle 

110 Argyle St, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Open 12pm – 2pm every single day of the year (impressive!)