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The PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!

Complaining about the status of the cookie industry in Melbourne (Butterbings aside) is a hobby of mine. “Ugh! Even the middle is hard” and “They add too many chips to disguise the flavourless dough” and  “Well, you may have to settle for a Subway cookie” are a few of the things I hear myself saying over and over again.

I complain because I love. I love cookies.
They are the best dessert.
That is fact and I rather not argue about it.

Some would say I was cookie-spoiled by New York City. They’ve got Ovenly and Milk Bar and Insomnia Cookies and Levain Bakery. Even Two Hands knows what’s up. By the time I moved to Melbourne, I was an outright and aggressive cookie snob and I did not apologise for it.

It wasn’t anger that drove me in the beginning. I waited patiently thinking surely something will open soon. It’s now 6 years on and nothing. Again, I will mention Butterbings because they are amazing but I’m talking about the simple chocolate chip cookie we all know and love.

(This brings me to the mystery disappearance of the cinnamon and glazed donut but I will spare you that rant until I can commit to a full investigation.)

The truth, as is always the case, is that this annoyance comes from within. I’m not mad at the Melbourne Cookie Industry. I’m mad at myself. I can’t bake cookies to save my life. Or my husband’s life. Or my dog’s. I’m basically responsible for the death of my entire family.

I’ve tried for years. YEARS! I have an entire Pinterest board basically dedicated to cookie recipes. But I am not a patient baker, no. I’m no baker at all. I am someone that lives and eats in the now. The concept of starting on cookies today to eat them tomorrow is exhausting.

Life changed dramatically when I found the recipe below on William Sonoma. It takes 30 minutes max, and even if you get measurements wrong and blend things in the wrong order you get a perfect result. I don’t get chemistry enough to understand why this cookie beats all others when it basically contains the same (or less) ingredients and instructions as every other one, but I will no longer question it.

Let us enjoy and rejoice, friends! Maybe if I bake hard enough I’ll be the one to finally open up that cookie cafe Melbourne had desperately been waiting for.

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Best Dish: Chiara and her Raspberry Almond Cake

baking raspberry cake

If Chiara’s recipe for a Gluten-free Lindt Flour-less Chocolate Cake was too rich (yum!) and chocolaty (even yummier!) for you, then this will be a nice addition to your repertoire. In our office it’s either Team Chocolate or Team Tea Cake; there’s really no in between. While this cake is just a bit more work to make than the chocolate cake, it’s more impressive in appearance, and the icing… oh, the icing! There’s not many times in life where you get to enjoy the sweet taste of philadelphia cream cheese like this!

Quick note about this recipe. If raspberries are in season (and you have the money) use fresh ones! You’ll be using them in the cake mixture and as a topping so you’ll want a total of about 2 cups. If they are not in season use frozen raspberries, it may not sound as nice but it’s just as good. The first thing you’ll want to do if using frozen ones is set them on a plate on top of a paper towel to saw. Keep them on the side until you need them.

Now, for the Gluten Free Raspberry and Almond Cake!!

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Best Dish (x 2): Chiara with a Flour-less Lindt Chocolate Cake

lindt chocolate cake lindt chocolate

Since the Best Dish has been gone from the blog for a few weeks I thought I would bring it back with a vengeance. Two in one. Okay, no. I don’t have two separate recipes for you because of my feelings of nostalgia or regret. I have two recipes because the baker is such a good one I couldn’t choose which cake I wanted to feature. She suggested we do them both because they are “easy as”.

Said baker is Chiara, my wonderful work and real life friend. I feel very lucky that the desk work choose for me is next to hers. I can turn around and say all sorts of weird and inappropriate things without being judged. When I say baker I don’t mean that I just think she’s good at baking so I simply gave her the title. I mean all of us at work unanimously love her baking, gave her the title of baker and demand that she bring in a tasty surprise for us to selfishly enjoy every Friday. And let me tell you, she is good. Not just good like oh this person baked today, we’ll have it after lunch, she is good like rush up the stairs as soon as you get into work, spot the cake in the kitchen, and accidentally steal a piece for breakfast. Most of the time someone has gotten to it before me.

Chiara kindly suggested we do the two cakes that are asked for the most. First up is her Flour-less Lidnt Chocolate Cake. The second comes tomorrow. Ta ta taaaaaaa.

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It’s Baking Victory!


You know how people say third times a charm? Well, don’t believe them. It’s not the third time, it’s the second!

It’s so exciting! Okay, I haven’t been sad about my white chocolate brownie fail all weekend, but I can certainly say it’s been on my mind. That dreadful night I went grocery shopping for all the necessary ingredients I purchased double of everything (just the while chocolate chips, really). I was in such high spirits and had such a huge false sense of confidence I assumed I would be making them for Jack’s younger sister’s birthday party this Saturday. With the obvious let down that was Thursday night/Friday I didn’t even think about touching my oven or whisk . I shunned my apron.

But this Sunday, with absolutely no hopes and exceptions, with no one to give the brownies to I decided to give it a second go and wouldn’t you know it (!) I baked some beautifully moist, scented candley smelling, perfectly colored white chocolate brownies. So forget everything I wrote on Friday’s post – here’s to how to do it.

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