Mad for Mad Pizza… It’s Clever, See?

I think we can agree it’s tough to find pizza that is terrible. The beauty of pizza is that when it’s bad, it’s still good. That’s why finding a pie of pizza that can put a grin on my face and a tomato sauce stain on my new striped shirt is a favorite hobby of mine.

Being a tourist can be expensive and tiring, so the second night of our trip to Sydney we decided to order in. In our friend’s kitchen we found a box of about 20 menus, Mad Pizza’s menu caught my eye immediately  I loved their choice of font, you could tell they specialized in pizza, and it was close to where we were staying – there was a change of plans.

We walked 3 minutes to their Potts Point location. The space is very small, but open so it works in their favor. Sitting outside on a warm summer’s night was glorious.

There was a deal of one beer and a large pizza for 20 dollars, so we ordered the pepperoni, which came with sliced pepperoni, roma tomato’s, black kalamata olives & basil leaves, I got anchovies on my half because I love them and we both got the optional chilli.

While we waited for our food, they gave us crayons to draw on the brown paper that lined the tables. We played hangman, tic tac toe and the dot game, like the 12 year olds that we are.

Then the pizza came! It was light and super thin even with the oily pepperoni. It was also made with love; you could tell. My mouth felt more tingly with each bite, but I couldn’t stop; I really didn’t want to. It was one of those pizzas you finish and you’re a little heartbroken it’s over. Unlike those pizzas you wish would disappear so you didn’t have to keep eating it… you know what I’m talking about, right? 

I had such a wonderful experience I had to ask the waitress about the restaurant. She said the owners were infatuated with true italian pizza, they started out shipping ingredients from Italy, until they found their own style. She also said all three restaurants are in tiny locations because never in their wildest dreams did they think Mad Pizza would take off the way they did. Hopefully, they’ll be opening one in Melbourne next! 

Be advised: iPhone pictures do not do it justice, obviously.

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