Bondi Beach and a Make Shift Picnic

I knew about Bondi Beach before I knew Victoria was a state, or that New South Whales even existed.

So I dedicated one full day of our Sydney trip to Bondi Beach. Yes, it took an entire day to get to and from there. Public transportation was more complicated, but it was probably just us; we took a train, then a bus, then took a walk.

Once we got there Bondi Beach was beautiful even though it was also empty and cold. it was the complete opposite of what I was expecting, but it was a Monday and I didn’t check the weather. We were there to sight see and eat so I didn’t really mind.

I do have to admit the lack of food options in the area was discouraging. We had been told about a place called Hurricanes but it was closed. Every cafe that was open seemed tacky and over priced.

So we decided the best thing to do was go to a small fish and chips shop, Bondi Surf Sea, and have take away on the grass field close to the water. Easy! I have to say that was the best fish and chips I have had yet in Australia, and there are a lot of them in OZ. The fish was fresh, soft but still crispy. They let us add as much chicken salt to our chips as we wanted resulting in utter addiction.
And there we were, just two kids from opposite sides of the earth sharing a make shift picnic in Bondi Beach with a breathtaking view in light sweater weather. 

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