Sunday’s at The Florist

Summer is coming to an end. I’m not having such a hard time with this fact because I do love myself a good beanie, and also because I’m going back to Australia October 24th to withstand yet another summer (the torture!).

What I am having a hard time with is being far apart from The Florist Arms in East London. I owe guaranteed fun Sundays this past summer to the one and only, The Florist Arms (nicknamed The Florist).

A group of us, or sometimes just Jack and I, or sometimes just me, would find ourselves in the conveniently centered bar, order a pint of any draft beer and scope out the situation. Getting a spot on one of their comfortable couches, or their wooden tables in the front was key for front row seats to the lovely sound coming from the jazz bands. We always tried sitting near the open windows lining the two front walls of the restaurant, but it gets packed and in the summer, that’s the preferred seating!

The best thing about The Florist is that even though the pizza is absolutely delectable, they offer many incredible deals. The one I loved was: Half Price Evenings Sundays and Mondays from 6pm.

I left London weeks ago and I still feel lucky to have been around to completely devour this deal over Summer. As you can see from the picture above, peperoni pizza was the favorite for everyone. And that wasn’t just that one given Sunday, that was almost every Sunday for 3 months.

So if you visit The Florist Arms order the hot salami, peperoni pizza. It’s thin and crispy, giving you a crackling sounds that resonates in your head. My additional suggestion would be to search for the clear bottle with olive oil and red jalapeños placed on the piano, probably, and dip your slice before biting into it.

For fear of getting hungry and sad, I will stop typing now.

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