Sunday Funday Findamazingfood-day

My favorite thing about Sundays is the feeling like I deserve to treat myself to a delicious, fun, long meal no matter what is going on that week. It doesn’t matter if that Sunday meal is a breakfast, lunch or dinner it just has to happen or else my weekend won’t feel complete. and I don’t know why.

This Sunday it become official! From now on the last day of the week will be dedicated to finding a new restaurant and milking it for all the delicious goodies that it’s worth. It’s called Sunday Fun-day FindAmazingFood-Day, but you can call it whatever you want.

This Sunday I went to a restaurant recommended by my parents (hi!), who were also my company for the day! The best thing about sharing a meal with my parents is that they love food as much as I do, if not more since there is two of them. The bad thing is that no matter how full I am there is no way out of trying an extra appetizer or dessert. It’s not peer pressure, it’s parent pressure.

The first time my parents went to Gigi in Miami they said all they could think about was how much I would love it. What with the bar overlooking the open kitchen so you can watch the chefs do their thing, the amazingly enthusiastic waiters, the excellent playlist, and, of course, the food.

When I asked the waiter what the staples of the restaurant where he pointed out nearly half the short, concise menu. It wouldn’t have been a problem to choose from it if the specials board hadn’t also made my mouth water. After some deliberation, here’s what we decided on.

) Staple: Cornbread with honey bacon butter to start.

Made by this cheerful guy:

2) Staple: Short Rib sandwich with ages cheddar, tomato and romaine.

3) Special: Rock shrimp stir fry with cabbage, rice, snap pea, sweet chili

4) Staple: bbq ribs with hoisin sauce and aiji panca.

5) Special (and it truly was special): Triple chocolate bread pudding with pistacchio ice cream.

Everything looked so delicious when placed on our table it was tough to snap a picture before my parents touched the food. I had to politely ask them to put their share back where they found it. What a joy I am to eat with! I would usually only take a picture of my meal, but since they decided to share they kind of asked for it.

I could not pick one plate as the best even if you paid me because a) they were all completely different and b) the came separate and spaced out perfectly.

There was not one thing to complain about, I cannot explain how great of a meal this was! I do want to go back earlier in the day next time and try some of their more breakfasty staples, more specifically: the french toast.

I can’t type it enough: go, go, go! Go empty because you will leave full.


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