Sometimes Caring is Not Sharing.

In my humble opinion there are two different categories desserts fit under a) desserts you have because okay, you’re sharing with people, and b) desserts you have because you will share with no one.

This afternoon I ordered a white chocolate chip bread pudding thinking it was under category a, but after the first bite I realized it was actually under category b. This is a mistake you (“I”) just can’t afford to make, because what do you do when this happens? Nothing. You can’t do anything; absolutely nothing.

If you try to move it infront of you, your friends will obviously ask you what in the world you think you’re doing. If you try to eat it fast enough to get the most bites out of it everyone you will most likely get heartburn*. If you ask if you can eat it all politely, your friends might say yes to your face but think you’re selfish, rude and inconsiderate in their minds. The only option you really have is to enjoy your share of the dessert, and hope the restaurant will have it next time you visit.

Remember, sometimes caring is not sharing. 

* By this time in the meal there is probably no water left in your cup so there will be nothing to help you make it all go down.

Dessert courtesy of the Foxy Brown in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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