Show us your avocado stash!

Rocco’s Tacos 
1313 E. Las Olas Blvd Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

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When I decided to write about Rocco’s Tacos in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I got really excited. It’s the kind of place that brings back wonderful memories and plants a smile on your face. There’s no way you could go to Rocco’s Tacos and be in a bad mood. But if you do somehow (you sneaky bastard) find yourself there during a Debbie Downer stage there’s no way you are staying that way after the guacamole bar rolls out.

Yes, that’s right. A GUACAMOLE BAR! It was my first time seeing one too. So. A guy (or girl) comes out of who knows where with a small, mobile bar which just happens to be jam packed with every possible ingredient needed to create guacamole. Whoops. I forgot. We’re calling it Guac now. There are no formalities at Rocco’s Tacos, just extraordinary guac. Delicious salsa and spiced chips join in on the side. It’s all fantastic. I could live a lifetime of happiness only ordering the choose-your-own-adventure guacamole, but that would be barbaric. So I get more.

The carne molida tacos are great, as are the fish tacos. Order any of their margarita pitchers and you are bound to have a great experience.

The only thing that could ruin Rocco’s Tacos for you is having to wait for a table, but I’m preparing you for it. If you head to there on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday you are bound to hit about an hour wait. It’s fine though! Think of the guac! You knew this would happen, and the bar is just there. To your left. I’m probably also doing that thing of telling you the wait is an hour long so when they call your name in 30 minutes it feels like it was a mere 5. You’re welcome!

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