Shawcross Pizza Serves Up NYC

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The Shawcross Pizza pamphlet style menu is the only exception to my throw-all-junk-mail-straigh-into-the-bin rule. It our attention from the get go, I’m pretty sure it was the “New York Style Pizza” promise advertised on the front, and the fact it is less than 2 minutes walking from our humble abode.

But most importantly, it was probably the fact that I have a thing of pizza, as you can tell from this, this, that, there, this and this again). What happens is I fall in love with  different, unique pie of pizza at each place and crave that specific one from time to time. Shawcross Pizza is different though, I’ve come to find a lot of things I like there.

The Ultimate Thing) These guys are serving up New York Style Pizza by the slice. You are getting a hearty portion or a 22-inch pizza and man, it looks good on a plate. A slice of pizza flowing over the border of your white plate is New York – visually. I only lived in the East village for around two years, but I’m 110% sure that’s the truth. It’s pretty amazing what these guys are doing for us all in Fitzroy, but if New York City  or pizza by the slice isn’t your thing, here are some things that might be:

Thing 2) They are BYO, which I don’t usually take advantage of but it’s nice to know you have the option. It means freedom.

Thing 3) They now serve Brooklyn Lager, guys! This wasn’t in my original post but I just went back this weekend and it’s there in all it’s glory.

Thing 4) The made to order pizzas are not only incredible, they have clever names that you’ll want to read so just politely ask the waiter to come back because you need more time… please. The Mexicutioner, The Bloody Vegan, The Notorious P.I.G., and The Broseppi, it’s so good.

Thing 5) the “kickass salads” name is  literal! If I didn’t feel the need to have pizza, I would devour a salad. It’s almost like the four business partners could have opened up a second restaurant with the promise of amazingly tasty, filling , pretty salads.

Thing 6) The staff is so goddam friendly you almost want to declare your neighborhood pizza joint loyalty to them.

Thing 7) I’ve had a lot of four cheese pizzas in my time, but I have yet to have a tripple cheese pizza and I’ve got to say, I feel like I’ve been missing out.

Thing 8) Shawcross aims to please – there have been a few times where we’ve just felt like a classic pepperoni pizza, even though it isn’t featured on the menu they were able to accommodate. They also, gladly, supplied me with an side of anchovies. All they want is to make us happy!

See? Shawcross is for every one! Have a vegan friend? Shawcross. Have a friend who is trying to loose weight? Shawcross? Have a friend who is homesick and misses NY? Shawcross. Have a friend who will only eat delicious dessert pizza? Shawcross! Have a friend who drinks? Shawcross! Don’t have friends? They deliver!


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