Shanghai Street Dumpling Votes YES for Cameron the Camera!

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I’ve had Benjamin for about 5 years now. He was my Nikon D3000. I kept rounding down that number to 3-4 years because I just couldn’t believe it’s been that long. It’s weird to think back on how Benjamin was there with me through my post college backpacking trip around Europe.

So you can understand how distraught I was on that fateful day when Benjamin up and died on me while taking photos on Marieclaire’s lasagna. I was so devastated I decided to let Benjamin rest in peace and not make him have to suffer through a biopsy. Instead I concentrated on my new baby.

I had a tough time adopting. I already knew what, or who I should say, I wanted. But since I’m still on a strict budget and I definitely don’t consider myself a photographer I found it hard to commit.

It wasn’t until a little place in the city with a cult following came a long that I knew I needed, wanted, and had already fallen in love with Cameron the Camera: My new baby. We arrived at Shanghai Street Dumpling right before opening time (4:30pm) and were pretty excited to be about the 8th party in line. This isn’t really a place you go to relax, catch up with friends, and order bottles of wine. This is the place you go when you want to enjoy ridiculously fresh, delicious food and skip on to the next part of your night. There will most likely be a line outside and those people, as well as the people serving you, will be really thankful you’ve departed. Don’t take it personally, it’s just the circle of life, or whatever. 

We were seated straight away, and ordered even faster. I got way to carried away and ordered 3 instead of 2. Whoops! I was excited. Shanghai is the best random find Jack and I have had yet! It’s really like treasure hunting. So now you know why I felt I needed Cameron the Camera, right? I was about to experience goods from the pot at the end of the rainbow and didn’t have a proper camera to document it.

When the pork & prawn dumplings in chili and peanut butter (PEANUT BUTTER? Yes, and please, and thank you, and I’ll see you again soon!) wonton sauce was delivered, I kicked Jack under the table. And when the crispy chicken with rice and chinese broccoli landed, I kicked myself. But when the chili beef with dry noodles was placed in front of me I nearly called to join an indoor soccer team because I would have kicked anything in sight. I decided right then and there, with chopsticks in hand and peanut butter dripping down my arm, that I would adopt Cameron the Camera and never look back.

So thank you Shanghai Street Dumpling for the inspiration to let myself have something I’ve been wanting, but most importantly, for being the best dang dumpling place I’ve been to yet!

*I also could have probably used the chopsticks for something violent since I have no idea how to use them for actually eating food. I’m not adoring my dumpling in the picture above, I’m actually just trying to figure out the best way to use my chopsticks with out embarrassing Jack.


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