Self Imposed Casino Ban

lovewinelambchops parents osso bucoDSC_1074DSC_1084Jack and I aren’t allowed back in Melbourne’s Crown Casino. No, it’s not that we got kicked out for bad behavior or counting cards. This is a self imposed ban – a ban because time and time again we (he) witness our (his) complete lack of self control. So when my family wanted to go visit crown casino we came up with the next best thing, dinner near the casino.

Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons was the pick for the night. I had recently been there for my Christmas work party and was blown away by all the appetisers we had, plus my Risotto “Nero” squid ink flavored rice was excellent and messy, just the way I like it.

GAS doesn’t take reservations for dinner so we arrived at 5:50pm and were seated as they opened at 6pm. By 6:15pm the place was packed. Since I had the pleasure of eating there before I was that annoying dinner guest saying, “Okay, we should definitely have this. It’s so good.” and “Oh, yea that looks good but I think you should try this.” My family completely ignored me, as the should have. I don’t think we ordered one plate I had suggested, which was good! It would be a whole new experience for me.

Coincidentally enough, a quote on Robert Marchetti’s Facebook paints the picture of our time at GAS the best: To create a Great social experience with Simple Food and Wine wherever we are- whether we’re at North Bondi Italian Food or Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons, or just hanging in our Butcher shop La Macelleria. We want to encourage everybody to think about quality not quantity and to have loads of fun. To be ethical in our choices on how food is raised and to keep food and wine real- not intellectual- because it’s for everybody to enjoy… keep rocking, keep eating, and keep having fun.”

That is exactly what I want to hear from a restaurant when spending my time and money. And they really execute that loads of fun and quality vs. quantity aspects spectacularly. It’s almost like the waiters at GAS use their funny lab coats to put you under a spell. That would be the only reasonable explanation as to why, after our finger licking lamb chops, salami, proscuitto and osso buco, we wanted to keep rocking, keep drinking, and keep on having fun. And we did…


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