San Francisco’s Wheels of the World




I know it’s weird to love public transportation but it wasn’t until I started editing photos from San Francisco that I realized I might actually have a problem. The fact was cemented when I came across the photo of me chasing the yellow and white trolley down The Embarcadero roadway.

I did not plan this photo. I just didn’t have time to photograph the trolley so I ran after it like a crazy person, giving my husband enough time to snap a photo.







In my defence, San Francisco has the coolest concept behind the vehicles in their public transportation system. Muni, a service of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, own and operate one of the most diverse collections of vintage cars, trolleys and trams from around the world. You’ll find cars from the likes of Melbourne, Australia (represent!); Toronto, Canada; and Hiroshima, Japan.

The excitement comes from never knowing which streetcar will pull up. It could be the all-yellow one (a personal favorite) from Cincinnati, Ohio; the small rickety one from Porto, Portugal; or even the open topped boat tram from Blackpool, England. Regardless of which streetcar you get, it’s a fun way to liven up a mundane everyday occurrence most people dread! Kind of like those musical stairs in Stockholm.

AND! I didn’t know this when I was in San Francisco but you can charter any streetcar currently operating.

Jack, there’s no need to start booking flights yet or anything but I know what we’re doing for my birthday next year.

Market Street Railway
(For any questions/chartering enquiries)
(415) 956-0472

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