Sadelle’s: Unlimited Bagels!

Sadelle's New York City

Sadelle's New York City

Sadelle's New York City

Sadelle's New York City

Sadelle's New York City

New York City’s Sadelle’s is not your regular bagel joint. It is a well oiled machine operated by the folks at Major Food Group (guys behind Carbone, Santina, and a number of NYC favorites).

I repeat: this is not a place you just walk into because you’re hungover and need to fill your belly with dough. It is a place that requires the extra effort of checking your bank account ahead of time and making a reservation (as my sister did, that smart cookie!) or, alternatively, it is a place that offers a 30+ minute wait.

It is worth both the time and the money. The fit out is stunning: high ceilings, brick walls, Real Life art, light blue accents, an open kitchen area where you can watch bagels being made and so many servers there to help you won’t know what’s what. This place is the real deal.

While Sadelle’s is open for dinner, brunch was what we went for and bagels were the main attraction. The brunch menu is built around what type of fish you prefer (house salmon, smoked scottish, sable, sturgeon, whitefish salad, salmon salad). Bagels, tomatoes, onions, capers and such are always included. Order enough bagels and they’ll come out neatly stacked on a stick ready for photos. Order enough fish and your food will be delivered looking as fancy as a High Tea. Still have fish left but have run out of bagels? Your server will bring more.

It’s all part of the show.

But don’t get so distracted that you underestimate the other dishes. The omelette was incredibly satisfying, as was the french toast. Oh, and drip coffee was on repeat.

Sadelle’s was an experience, not a meal. And you know I goddamn love myself a good experience!

463 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012
(646) 692-4732



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