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In New York City, eating downtown can be hard. Not because there’s a shortage of options but because there is an abundance of cool, inviting and delicious spots. Too many yummy restaurants, too little time. With all these options available the WORST THING EVER is when you pick a place and it turns out to be shit so I’ll be posting some dependable ones that I know and trust.

Rubirosa is the first because it’s the best, and such a foolproof option. My family deemed Rubirosa’s pizza “the best in New York City so far”. I’m not the harshest critique but they are.

The secret behind this much loved Italian-American restaurant and pizzeria is surely the use of owner AJ Papalardo’s 55 -year-old family recipe for thin crust pizza base. AJ is the son of Joe Papalardo who heads up the famous Staten Island pizzeria Joe and Pat’s. It’s no wonder Rubirosa was a hit with Nolita and East Village locals from the moment it opened.

Rubirosa is yet another restaurant that proves my theory for ordering food: when in doubt, choose the plate in the menu named after the restaurant. This pizzeria is generous in that you are allowed to half and half your pizza. I’ve tried five flavors. While all were delicious, the tie-dye pizza (vodka, tomato, pesto, and fresh mozzarella) came second only to the Rubirosa Supreme (tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, mini meatball, roasted garlic).

The staff’s generosity doesn’t end with the half and half offering, they are knowledgable, friendly and play outstanding music. They also come up with brilliant ideas like, “hey, why don’t you guys try the chocolate bread pudding?”


This dimly lit pizzeria sets the tone for a comfortable setting where quality time spent with loved one is encouraged. Keep in mind though that this place is popular so it’s packed by 6:30 the latest.

It’s funny how quickly Rubirosa’s pizza become the standard for my family. I was telling my sister about this incredible pie I had at Lazerpig in Melbourne the other day but before I could obsess over the mouthwatering toppings she was all like, “Yea. okay. but was it as good as Rubirosa?”

Rubirosa Ristorante
235 Mulberry Street (Between Prince and Spring)
(212) 965-0500
Book reservations through open table






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