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Rowena Parade Corner Store takes me back to time where you could buy a pack of bubble gum for 50 cents instead of the 3 dollars. This cafe has been a long time favorite of Jack and I’s for some time. Tucked far enough away from the noise of Punt Road, the bustle of Swan Street and the hustle of Bridge Road, the Corner Store creates a different atmosphere than all the other cafes in the Richmond area. I don’t think it knows just how beautiful and cool it is, but that’s just the charm behind it.

With local goods on display at the front, a counter of candy to indulge in, a spacious courtyard and a touches of Greece thrown in for fun, Rowena Parade Corner Store can do no wrong.

Except once. When they did do wrong. By me.

Because I’m loyal to my dishes, I’ve ordered the same thing for some time: the scrambled eggs with prosciutto, mushroom, and thick cut toast. It just hit the spot every time. It was a hero dish in my heart, my go-to.

The last time I visited Rowena Parade Corner Store I noticed my beloved dish was no more. I couldn’t even look at the menu. I ordered a take away coffee and left. It sounds childish, yes, but I was surprised, then shocked, then distraught.

I’ve been meaning to grow up and get back there. I’ve mourned the dish enough. This happens all the time, right? RIGHT? I need to move past it and find a new dish to call my own, but it’s just so hard.

Any recommendations from the new menu?

Rowena Parade Corner Store
44 Rowena Parade, Richmond VIC 

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    screw that! ask them to put it back on the menu!! In my cheekier moments I have asked a kitchen if they will make a dish I remember them having [not at Rowena] and at least 25% of the time they say yes…… worth a try

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