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Roast Beast Boston


Roast Beast Boston

Roast Beast Boston

There is only one of two ways to be. You can be the type of person or place that is a little bit good at everything or you can be the type that is excellent at one thing. The guys from Roast Beast chose the latter and their passion, if you can’t tell from the pictures above, is puns. No, wait. That’s wrong. It’s roast beef, definitely roast beef.

Never mind how much I love the clever name of the small, convenient and quick shop, this is about the food. Maneuvering your way through is quick and easy. You choose a meat (beef, turkey, chicken breast, pulled pork). Then the size of your sandwich and the type of roll (deli, onion, wheat) (go onion!)(I know, but just do it). You choose your toppings and then make the very hard decision of a picking a sauce. Maybe (definitely) add on some cheese. And if you’re feeling crazy make it a full meal by adding a drink and some Cape Code potato chips on the side.

My only tip would be to savor it. This is one of those sandwiches that you sit down to eat and has vanished by the time you can look up to say, “Holy cow, how good is this!”.

These sandwiches are just delicious, it’s really that plain and simple.

Roast Beast
1080 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
(They offer curbside pick-up)

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