Riley Street Garage, For All Your Gastronomic Service and Repairs

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Are you in Sydney with an hour to kill and a hunger pang you won’t be able to manage soon? Then you should stop reading this post! This one is not for you. This post is about Ripley Street Garage, a place you should absolutely go out of your way to make time for, maybe even a couple of hours.

Riley Street Garage is unassuming from outside. It’s a beautiful building, sure, but with no neighbors to either side it looks quiet and lonely. Cross the threshold to the inside and you’ll realize it is everything but. It’s open and dimly lit. The details in the decor are fantastic especially the wall filled with old school mechanic pictures. The small reference to being a garage that can fix your gastronomic problems made me giggly and blush. The long straight bar smack in the middle of the restaurant is probably the first thing you’ll notice, as you should. I really wish it was the fancy bar around the corner from my house I could stop by for a casual drink.

I love the way the restaurant seating is assembled. It felt like every table was placed in it’s spot not to make room for others, but to ensure it felt like a place of it’s own. There was a 12 seater table behind us that had enough space to really be it’s own room, with it’s own over-the-table lighting and plant fixtures on the wall. (For way better pictures that I can offer look here)

And the food! This plate was definitely the most memorable, excitable and delicious meal of this trip, and my last few trips to sydney. It was our last day of press appointments so we really intended to treat ourselves.

The Large Share of the crispy pork knuckle with soy mustard, pickled apple, the shoestring fries ad aoili vinegar and two glasses of red, pretty please!

We asked the waiter if that was enough food or if we should get something else. His immediate response was, “(smirk) that’s  massive”. We were scared, but confident. To be fair to him, he probably had no idea how much we could actually eat. It was a meal fit for kings and devoured by us. It is one that, if you like crispy pork (and mustard. I LOVE mustard), will become that meal you will reminisce back to and say, “remember that one time we had…”. Then you’ll laugh, and salivate, and touch your belly with joy and longing. At least that’s been my experience and I only went three nights ago.

Riley Street Garage
55 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo, 2011 NSW Australia

Tuesday/Wednesday 5pm-late
Thurs/Fri/Sat 12pm-late
Sunday/Monday Closed

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