La BicycletteLa BicycletteLa BicycletteLa BicycletteLa BicycletteLa BicycletteLa BicycletteLa BicycletteExcuse my binge sharing of all things Walter Georis because now I have to tell you about another one of his cafes. This one is in Carmel-by-the-sea and it’s called La Bicyclette. It’s rustic and french, with details in the decor that just get to you.

At first glance you’ll notice the copper bicycle out the front and try to ride. You’ll realize it’s actually bolted to the ground and proceed to walk inside as if nothing has happened. Then you’ll notice the elegant way plates and glasses are kept on display. The wonderful smell of freshly baked bread will hit your nose and you’ll look up to notice their signature wood fired oven as the center of attention. It’s only when you head to the toilet that you’ll notice the chalkboard walls, signaling that you can still have a bit of fun.

Every single dish set on our table was great, there were absolutely no complaints. And how could there be when the eggs are organic, the jam is handmade and the bread is baked on site. But! A very big but! If I had my way I’d make you try the House Corned Beef Hash with schoch monterey jack, potatoes and two roasted eggs. It’s the most expensive thing on the menu sitting pretty at $12.

My word(s) of advice would be to call and book before you go. On a Sunday around 9am we hit a two hour wait. Luckily the party of eight that had book didn’t show up.

The thing I’m most obsessed with when it comes to La Bicyclette is the fact there is not a thing in the restaurant you can look at and argue that someone didn’t completely obsess over how it should be decorated, plated, served and cooked. You can tell when love has been poured into a cafe.

And so, I’ll leave you with a quote that came typed out on a note under my strong cappuccino that fateful morning. I borrowed said note, took it home with me to Australia and taped on over my desk. I’ll return on my next visit, but probably not.

“The café in European culture has always been more than just a place to eat and drink. Cafés are social hubs, places for discussion, thought, relaxation, and time with friends. The café is where people from all walks of life, whether they are artists and writers, or business people and politicians, can come and interact freely. People can laugh, share stories, share ideas, and debate in a casual atmosphere that is comfortable and stress free. Because of this, cafés are bustling with activity and there is a sense that everyone belongs. Great ideas and dialogue go hand in hand with great food and wine. We find inspiration in the aliments (ingredients) that nourish our bodies and our minds. The cafés of Europe have spawned many a great idea and many a great meal. We hope that La Bicyclette follows in the same tradition.”

La Bicyclette Restaurant 
Dolores Street at 7th, Carmel-by-the-Sea CA 
For reservations call: 831.622.9899

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