Rain, Rain, Go Away.

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Just in case this Melbourne rain is getting you down and weird (mostly talking to you Floridians) I thought I’d tell you about the sunniest, most Aussie day I’ve had yet. The day the pictures above were taken. And no, it wasn’t the Aussiest (this word may be made up) because I was showing my family around the CBD like a champ; it was because I selfishly suggested we have chips and beer for lunch.

“Chips and WHAT for WHAT?”, they cross-examined. They were confused for three reasons: 1) they thought I was talking about a bag of potato chips, 2) as a member of their family I should know that chips would not fill them up, and 3) chips/french fries are always on the ‘Sides’ section of a menu.

We were raised believing that chips only served the purpose of accompanying your main meal. That meal could be steak, a cheeseburger or a bland tuna sandwich  but chips should never, ever, try and upstage the meal.

“What was I thinking”, I wondered. I even did a little of, “Maybe I’m loosing my mind.

Yea, right! The weather was perfect, those chips were great (and all gone), the aoli sause was impressive and the Coopers was refreshing. It just goes to show there’s nothing quite like spending a beautiful day in Melbourne being all Aussie and stuff.

So if you get a chance this weekend find yourself some Australian beer (Fosters doesn’t count, no one drinks it here.) and a delicious, salty, finger burning basket of chips! I suggest Little Creatures Beer Hall in Fitzroy – maybe I’ll see you there?

Happy Friday!

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