Pre Meal Entertainment Performed by Queenstown, NZ

Entertainment before a meal is not something a restaurant or cafe is required to offer. Shame. Yea, I get it, most of the time you’re there because you’ve heard of a mouthwatering plate that you’ve conveniently ordered (great pick!) or you’re simply there to catch up with a friend(s). But! how cool would it be if something epic happened every single time you went out. I mean, you are now offered full dinner and drink menus at the right movie theaters and comedy show venues. The best pre-meal show I’ve had was in Hawaii, I was about 10 so I don’t remember much but I know I was shaking my hips, wearing a lei and loving life; by the time I sat down I was starving. Think back to this guy from Blue Crush. That was me.

My point is: I love pre meal entertainment of any kind. I really don’t discriminate. I’m even into the girl with an enormous, unnecessary, embarrassing Chanel tattoo the size of my hands side by side on her upper back, or a first date conversation going terrible wrong. Oh! Or a couple you can tell has been dating for some time because they’re actually double dating with their iPhones.

Queenstown, New Zealand though offers the coolest, most extreme, and random pre entertainment of all time, as voted by me. You may not get it before every meal but when you do, it makes up for all the times it wasn’t there. How’s a crazy man bungee jumping out of a helicopter into a stadium filled of rugby fans sound? Pretty freaking hunger inducing if you ask me!


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