Our Worst Kept Food Secret.

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The N. Lee Bakery in Collingwood*. There, I typed it. I could not keep it secret for one more second. I love it. Jack adores it. It’s part of our little family. We’ve spent birthday’s, relationship milestones, hungover days, and completely normal days there.

N. Lee Bakery is special to us because not once, out of the 50+ times I’ve been there since moving to Australia, has it let us down. It’s a constant pleasure, “I’ll have a bacon, egg, and cheese roll with mustard and chili sauce, please. Jack will have them same but with tomato and chili sauce. Oh, and a small flat white for me. Oh, and a cinnamon doughnut for him. Thank you.”

N. Lee is a very busy place, but no matter how many hungry people inside the quality of the rolls is always the same. And the service is nice and efficient. There’s no mucking around in there. You order what you want and you get out of the way. You wait on the side until your order is up. Then you either get lucky and one of the four tables out the front is open or you simply take it away, have a picnic at the park and still live happily ever after.

The thing about this filling, delicious roll is that it only costs $4.10 (prices recently went up, can you believe it?), my strong flat white is only $2.90. Add that together and it’s just a little bit more than what you, and I, are willing to pay for a side of bacon at any sit down cafe. Now, THAT is bang for your buck!

The grilled pork roll is also great. It’s actually what most N. Lee fanatics order and what it is most loved for. I guess our real secret is that N. Lee Bakery serves up a mean bacon, egg and cheese, because the fact that N. Lee exist and is exquisite is old, but still VERY important news.

So there you have it, if you’re looking for a quick, no fuss, satisfying, mouth watering, cheap breakfast or lunch N. Lee Bakery is your man. But never forget that he was our man first.

 N. Lee Bakery 

220 Smith St, Collingwood Melbourne, VIC 3066

*A warning: N. Lee is growing and expanding as we speak, as they should! It’s all marvelous, but the CBD N. Lee is not as good as the Collingwood one, at least not when it comes to our beloved breakfast Roll. Collingwood’s N. Lee will make it on the spot for you. CBD’s N. Lee, to my dismay, has their bacon, egg, and cheese roll pre-made and waiting in pantry. No bueno! When it comes to the grilled pork roll it’s all fair game though.

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