Otoro Sushi: A Theory About Ordering


If when ordering food you are in doubt, choose the plate that sports the same name as the restaurant you are in.

This life-changing theory will come in handy during two “crucial” life moments:

A) your waitress starts taking orders but you aren’t ready so anxiety starts washing over you.
B) you simply cannot find a plate that interests you and you’re now drenched in anxiety.

Exhibit B can be exemplified by our recent visit to the great Otoro Sushi in San Francisco.

After nine days of traveling in a motorhome, we came back to city life by way of San Francisco. We had spent those nine days eating variations of pasta and sandwiches for dinner. My sister was fed up with the limited options and was craving sushi.

Sushi was the last thing on my mind, but I am a wonderful older sister so we continued on.

Otoro Sushi is a splendid restaurant that takes pride in their food while making and delivering each plate with passion. It is clean and lively, and the sushi is fresh! Otoro wasn’t the problem; I was the problem.

Nothing on the menu was jumping out at me, even my usual salmon and avocado roll felt boring (which I ordered anyway because I like to feel safe). Before I knew it the entire table had ordered and I was still holding the menu up to my face. The word Otoro caught my attention, so I ordered the roll by that name. It’s a spicy tuna, avocado roll, topped with mango. It seemed fairly simple but I’d never had mango on sushi before. It freaked me out a bit.

After the first bite though, mango became my favorite sushi ingredient and the Otoro roll won Best Sushi Ever Had.

Since that blessed day, I’ve tried to find that same roll at other sushi restaurants but I fail every time. I’ve even begged chefs to recreate it, but the waitstaff tends to come back from the kitchen confused. They then explain how they don’t even have mango in the restaurant.

The roll was completely unique to Otoro Sushi! I find that’s the case with most dishes named after restaurants. There are exceptions to every theory, duh, but just trust me on this one.

Or maybe I should start taking something for my anxiety problem.



Otoro Sushi
205 Oak St, San Francisco CA 94102
(415) 553 – 3986
Reservations are encouraged


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