Oprah Convinced Me To Try Ice Box

DSC_0531 DSC_0517 DSC_0521 DSC_0522Oprah* is a nice lady, we all know that. What you probably don’t know about Oprah is that she’s also the lady who convinced me to try a cute little cafe on Lincoln Road in South Beach called Ice Box. She wasn’t very helpful with demanding I order anything specific though, she just suggested they have some of the best cakes in all of America. Gee, thanks Oprah! Make it easy for me why don’t you.

I thank desserts my mom was with me when I came across Ice Box because 1) we had just eaten lunch so I probably would not have gone in had it not been for her eat-every-cake-that-presents-itself-life-is-short sort of attitude towards food, and 2) I would have gotten too stressed while inspecting their display of delicious desserts, taking me ages to choose one. In those situations I need someone to tell me exactly what to do. Oprah told me to make the first move and go into Ice Box, my mom told me to get the chocolate bread pudding. THE BEST CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING. (Other than my sister’s homemade recipe!) (She would fly to Melbourne and slap me silly if I didn’t mention it.) (Yes, I’m scared of my younger sister.)

I know we disobeyed Oprah’s wishes by choosing bread pudding instead of cake, but I thank her anyway. She truly helped us find a special place that day. SEE, the eyewear store, also deserves a sincere thank you since we were on that side of town picking up my first pair of shinny, super cool, (non) prescription glasses. Chocolate bread pudding was a perfect way to celebrate being let into the wearing glasses club, finally. I’m very proud to be a member.

I left Miami for Australia after only trying Ice Box twice. On our second visit we had every intention of trying something different, a cake maybe, in Oprah’s honor, but we just couldn’t do it. Our bond with the bread pudding grew too strong too fast.

Has anyone been? Can anyone help me? Have you tried the cakes? I want to live vicariously though you.

*There are no other living woman named Oprah, right?

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