One Person’s trash is…

a nerdy girls treasure!

Maybe it’s because I use to live in NYC or because I haven’t seen the movie Contagion, but finding little treasures on the side of the street is one of those little things I relish in.

Okay, let me be honest. By treasure I’m mostly (100%) talking about books. I love books! I love finding, reading, highlighting, collecting, talking about, writing, organizing and decorating with books.

So you can just imagine how exciting it was for me to be walking down a street, as you do, and find a stack of books just sitting there on the side walk waiting to be picked up.

These three books I found on my way to the super market in East London. The receipt from Amazon was actually still in each; $45 I would have probably spent at some point in my life anyway. Eureka!

The best thing I ever found in NYC was a small sized box filled to the top with romance novels. It felt like fate since I had an extremely long empty and high shelf in the living room of my apartment.

Now, I know some people say this is wrong or gross or weird (mostly my mom and my boyfriend) but I say I don’t care. It’s my treasure to find, not theirs!

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