On Sundays We Wine!

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Montalto Vineyard and Olive Grove is a Sunday Funday enthusiasts paradise. Montalto provides such a gorgeously beautiful setting that you just know nothing could truly go wrong.

We got very lucky. We arrived as it was opening at 11:30am and got our pick of a table. Jack saved the table, probably day dreaming into the stunning landscape, while I got first in line for the wine tasting. Wine tastings at Montalto are $5 for the full range, or free if you’re only trying out a couple. I became infatuated with the taste, and when I was feeling a bit tipsy I started choosing 6 bottles to take away with me. Luckily the smell of the first few pizzas in the oven snapped me out of my dream world where I have a lot of money and I live with a bunch of people who only drink wine. I left them all behind, which I want to say I totally regret now.

By 12pm I was heading back to Jack and the place was packed! People everywhere. Every single table was taken, there were groups of people scouring for seats, children running through the lawn, fellow Sunday Funday enthusiasts filling the endless rows of grapevine. It was mayhem, but watching mayhem is always fun from the comfort of your own table placed perfectly in the shade.

Having had breakfast just a few hours before, we visited more for the wine and atmosphere but had to try the prosciutto and truffle oil pizza followed by the chocolate mousse in a cup. We were sitting in the cellar door piazza after all, aggressively giving the cold shoulder to the fancy restaurant a few steps away.

I want to go back and try out one of their picnic experiences, it comes complete with a wine tasting, map to a secret and secluded location, wines, a refrigerated box with freshly packed goodies, tea and coffee.  Another completely unique aspect of Montalto is their sculptures. A number of sculptures adorn the entire property giving us yet another thing to really chew over.

Montalto Vineyard and Olive Grove
33 Shoreham Road Red Hill South VIC 3937, Australia

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