On Safari: A Hot Tip!

On Safari

On safari

On Safari

Do not forget to bring binoculars! 

Yes, they seem like just a fun safari prop, but they are not. You will use them. Not having your own is completely and totally enraging.

We forgot ours in Nairobi.

Luckily, our driver had the eye sight of an eagle. He could see lions from miles away that we couldn’t see through the binoculars. We had a system going where we’d be in charge of the binoculars (Jack mostly, I had my camera) and as soon as we could tell Daniel had heard or seen something unusual we would pass the binoculars up to meet his hand. No need to even speak. What a team!

I’ll say it again, because my mom always said repetition is the key to remembering things, do not forget your binoculars!

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