Nothing to see here. It’s ONLY La Cuevas De Drach


Las Cuevas de Drach was something we were forced to go see while in Mallorca, Spain. The Sun’s worst every, called Rain, held our hands behind our backs and changed our plans from one moment to the next. I mean you hear Mallorca and straight away you think Rafael Nadal. Well, I do. Then after that I think of the gorgeous island on the coast of Spain with exotic beaches and polite spanish men in their bathing suits. We sadly didn’t get to explore that side of Mallorca because of the weather. Instead, we planned a taxi tour to one of the coolest, scariest places I’ve been in a while: Las Cuevas de Drach.

They are four underground caves of Mallorca, that come together to form one very impressive cave which extends 25 meters deep, and 2.4 km in length. As I made my way through the caves I was so easily distracted by the beauty of it, I almost didn’t notice how scared I was of it, or how I could actually could die there. Instead I wow’ed and aw’ed my whole way through until we reached Lake Martel, the 115 meter long, 30 m wide lake cheekily hidden at the end of the cave walk. There, I gave my undivided attention to the classical music concert going on various canoes. It’s stuff of the movies.

I’m only disappointed I didn’t find out about this wondrous place on my own. La Cuevas de Drach is one of the places I would normally add to my list of Places I Have To See At Some Point in My Life. I might actually go add it now then cross it off, hopefully making the list look even more impressive.



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      Hey Laura, for us it was definitely worth going to see. We hit a day with bad weather, and couldn’t explore the beaches anyway. It only took about 3 hours of the day all together and you might run into Rafael Nadal (!).

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