When was the last time you thought about Nachos? Better yet, when was the last time you actually had delicious, cheesy, crunchy nachos? The type where you don’t have pick around the gross bits but completely devour instead? If I had asked myself that question about two weeks ago I would have answered: “what are you talking about? You always ask such weird questions”. When I asked myself the same question just now I got a different answer: “2 weeks ago, when Jack and I had 15 minutes to eat before the curtains drew at the Princess Theatre and the Musical Legally Blonde began.”

Nachos were the last thing on my mind when I walked into the Elephant & Wheelbarrow, a truly traditional English pub, but since I was treating Jack to dinner and we had a very limited amount of time I let him choose. All I asked was that he let me order a pint of Old Speckled Hen. It’s my favorite beer. The Elephant & Wheelbarrow is the first place I’ve come across it in Australia. That’s how I know this place was different, the great bar name is just a bonus.

Now, back to the Nachos. I’m not sure if Jack and I were there on a good night or if we somehow got lucky with a great batch, but these Nachos were perfect. I’m not using that word lightly, I mean perfect. There was no chip that I picked up to move aside. There was no overwhelming amount of sour cream I had to smudge on the side of the plate. There were absolutely no left overs.

It made me realize that Nachos have become an after thought of our generation. You’d only really order it in a group, when it’s the cheapest thing on the menu, or if you’re bowling. So I’ve always wondered how they even become such a staple meal and appetizers in the first place. But I get it now. They are like overalls. They don’t always look good, but when they’re great, they are outstanding (and almost always repinned). If done perfectly right, as it was at Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Nachos can completely turn your frown upside down and make your night out that much memorable. Who would have thought!

I say bring back the Nachos we all (probably) fell in love with years ago. I also say go see the Legally Blonde musical and fall head over heels over Bruiser Woods!


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