Stoked (Not So Cleverly) on Stokehouse

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If you look me up and down on any given day the word fancy would probably be the last adjective you think of. No matter how hard I try to look it (and sometimes it’s so fun to try!), I never actually feel fancy. It’s that same feeling of when I stalk the New York City Marathon website. Maybe one day, and I promise myself I can train and work really hard, but… eh.

I realized this about myself ages ago. It’s not anything I’m sad about or want to change. I actually quite like it, it just sometimes presents a problem when”fine dining”. Because who wants to sit at the dinner table worrying about their skirt riding up to high? I definitely don’t!

I’m telling you all of this because it’s the reason I’ve fallen deeply in love with Stokehouse. It just feels like Stokehouse understands and really gets me.

Located in St. Kilda with one of the most killer views of the Bay and minutes away from Luna Park, Stokehouse is actually pretty hard to miss. It’s the wonderful white, two story building you could easily think (“wish”) was a Bed and Dinner.

The top floor of Stokehouse is fancy, super classy, and plates the price of a weekdays entire food budget. It’s the part of me that I don’t enjoy day-to-day but I like knowing it’s there in case I’m in the mood. But the bottom floor – oh, the bottom floor – it’s filled with fun and interesting (sometimes entertaining  people, great music, outdoor access to the beach, an open kitchen, and beautiful food. The menu at the Stokehouse Cafe is still a bit nicer than your usual “lets catch up for dinner” meal, but it’s convenient and exciting and full of life without having to work too hard for it.

It’s the type of place which, upon an invite, I’d drop everything for and stampede to. Half for the ambiance and half for the food (insert heart melting)! I feel like a silly girl in love as I write this, but I just really want someone to ask me there! Anyone?

What we Ordered:

Lamb meatballs, roast tomato, fennel, ouzo 

Marinated anchovies, olive fennel, toast 

Charcoal oven roasted chicken with romesco

Aged scotch fillet from the grill, BBQ sauce 

Roasted sweet corn with spiced mayo, lemon and manchego 

Chips in Herb Salt

Sicilian potato salad 

Smashed Pavlova, mango, banana and passion fruit

Chocolate peanut better and jelly ice cream sandwich. 

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