Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner, but Botswana Butchery is Okay.

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Before we actually booked our flights to Queenstown, New Zealand we knew we’d be going back to Botswana Butchery. Jack and I went there, on what had been then, the fanciest date of our relationship career. But we certainly didn’t look the part then, or dine like it either.

I remember wanting a glass of red wine with my steak so badly, but not being able to squeeze it into the trips budget. One measly glass of red wine! I was almost too strict with myself.

This time around it was different. We wanted to do it again, and really treat ourselves.We didn’t really have a budget this time, and then again we also weren’t paying hundreds of dollars to jump off planes. And most importantly we really wanted Jack’s family, who was staying with us for a few days, to experience it as well.

Jack’s younger brother, Joe, had french onion soup for the first time, which is pretty exciting if you ask me. Jack’s younger sister, Meg, had chips; also exciting. But everyone else had a different type of deliciously juicy, thick, red meat, while splitting a couple of sides, and a bottle of full, dry red wine that blended everything together perfectly.

If the meat itself wont get you to Botswana Butchery, here are 5 reasons why you, and I, should go together one day:

1) The firecracker hot sauce! It came with my Canterbury Angus Porterhouse and was the best steak sauce I can ever remember having. It was goooood. I’ve even bolded the name to help  you remember it. FIRECRACKER! I had to actually tell Jack to back off of it.

2) The knifes! Different cleavers and butchers knifes act as decorations on the walls. They look like antiques, and I bet – no, I hope, they have a lot of history in them. Yes, even the handle knife at the front door.

3) The bread! The plate they give you as soon as you sit is warm and soft, the way bread should be. They also offer both BUTTER and OIL, which I know sounds like no biggie, but I always wish I had both! So, there I go.

4) The chairs! There are arm chairs at the front of the restaurant at each table. I’m not sure why, but I have a thing for arm chairs. Especially when eating. I just feel so small in them it’s like a have permission to eat like a cow.

5) The view! Other than the restaurants at the top of the gondola, botswana has the best view in all of Queenstown. The Lake sits right infront and when your tummy is warm and giggly with fulness you can run close to the water and take pictures like this:

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