The other day Jack suggested that I change the name of my URL for my blog. Not because he doesn’t like or because he thinks it’s too long, or because he thinks it makes me seem like I eat too much; those are my own blog name insecurities. He just thinks it will help get the point across.

He thinks it should be

Feldman’s on Nicholson Street in Fitzroy is the best! It’s open Wednesday – Sundays from 4pm until late and you should definitely try it!

We found it randomly during Jack’s comedy show back in March and slowly, visit by visit, it has built itself a little place in our hearts. It’s the perfect place for the very rare occasion when feel like cooking, but you still want a nice, comfortable atmosphere and delicious food. It’s warm and cozy courtesy of the wood fire oven at the front. It’s simply decorated, except for the chairs hanging on the walls. They’ve used the accent color of yellow, which is a personal favorite color of mine and subconsciously makes everyone a little more happy (I think).

They first got me with the welcoming gesture of a small free plate of popcorn placed on the table as you sit down. I’m a sucker for a free appetizer. They kept me by consistently serving up a great salami, tomato, fior de latte, chili and olive pizza every time. They also never make fun of me when I ask for a side of anchovies and the olives on the pizza on the side. Not being laughed at is always a plus.

We’ve also had a number of their Small Share Stuff and the Sides to Share; all were great. Oh, and the chocolate mousse! Yessss!

I really can’t say enough good things about Feldman’s, which is precisely why Jack and I are completely baffled as to why the place is only 20% full every time we go. There should be people lining out the door for a chance at their wood oven pizzas, or people waiting by the bar at the very  least.

Don’t worry the new URL name will probably be up and running by the time you visit Feldman’s and want to join the revolution. Oh, wait – looks like is taken. We’ll have to go with

Probably not worth it then.

350 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy 3065 VIC Australia.

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