Nespresso and Me.

I’ve been having a strictly online romantic relationship with Nespresso for years, and we finally met in person. Let me explain.

I have taken a picture in front of every Nespresso store I strolled past in every city I’ve ever visited. I have always, always been a big fan of the Nespresso brand; I could not tell you the reason for this fascination, but I can share the alarming fact that up until this week I had never stepped foot inside a Nespresso store. Why you ask? I’m intimidated. It’s a whole other world in there.

It’s the creme de la creme, the pick of the crop, the best of the best of coffee heavens. I’m not talking about coffee for the sake of getting rid of your headache in the morning before going to work. I’m talking about the luxurious side of coffee, where pleasure is taken in simply smelling the coffee as it’s placed on the small table in front of you. I’m talking about feeling in control over what you’re drinking, you pick the style, the aroma, the intensity: the espresso. I am romanticizing it a bit, but it’s only because I feel they’ve done such a great job of providing a feeling of exclusivity, they make you feel as if you’re getting the ultimate coffee experience.

I ordered an iced macchiato from the Indriya from India variety. I’m not sure  what that really meant, but I knew I wanted maximum intensity (10) and an aroma categorized under spicy; That is what I got.

I’m not saying I would ever make Nespresso my go to coffee joint or join the Nespresso Club. What I’m saying is that the next time I have a free Sunday and I feel I’ve earned the right to treat myself I’ll head over to Nespresso, walk in confidently, take one of the best seats, order a $7+ dollar coffee and read an entire novel.


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