N2 Extreme Gelato // Fitzroy

N2 Extreme Gelato OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have absolutely no poker face. Reactions are something I can’t control, no matter how hard I try. And I assure you I have tried. Some say it’s a good thing, that it keeps me honest, but the adjective that comes to mind for me is embarrassing. I tend to catch my face in a weird state and want to slap it silly.

The last time I caught my face acting up was on a Saturday like any other, as I was walking down Brunswick street with my fresh weekend flowers. It happened as I innocently strolled by the newly opened N2 Extreme Gelato. My jaw dropped. Literally. The first time I heard about cooking with liquid nitrogen was when I shared a delicious Pavlova with my family at Gastro Park in Sydney, but N2 (we’re on first name basis) takes it to a whole new level.

I was, of course, intimidated as I walked in holding a bunch of peonies with a smile on my face as big as a 12 year old’s as she’s skipping through the gates of Disney World for the first time. I couldn’t stop my feet from taking steps until I reached the front counter, my face expression obviously begging for an explanation. The Gelato Scientist kindly started straight away, but all I heard was, “gelato… not ice cream… blah blah blah… chemical engineering… food science… blah… scientist… blah blah… liquid nitrogen… kitchen aids…blah… crystallization… blah, and so our gelato is served at a perfect -6 degrees celsius.”

I know I should have listened to the man with the goggles, the one with the power, and reported the exact procedures back to you here. I’m sorry I didn’t, but I swear it wasn’t out of laziness. I was completely distracted by the the lab/gelato parlor itself. First the black board outlining all the ludicrous flavors offered that week. Then the impressive row of kitchenaids engulfed in smoke, and then the decor! Being that the N2 Extreme Gelato is located in Fitzroy it seems no surprise that it would have graffiti on the walls, day beds on display, and a roller door leading to an alley way at the back.

My mouth only closed back up when my first spoonful of Bluerry Cheesecake gelato hit my lips. What I would do to see what flavors are available right this moment. Oh, wait, you and I can see it here. 

N2 Extreme Gelato 

329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


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    Yum! I have just been going through your blog with a notebook because I’ll be visiting my boyfriend in Melbourne at the end of the year, and I looove trying new cafes. Definitely will try and get to Lola & Wren, Touchwood Cafe, Belle’s Diner and N2! Thanks for the inspiration!

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