My Main Man Jimmy Grants.

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You know that excitement of being absolutely positive you’re the first person to know about something, whether it be a cuban jazz festival, a documentary on netflix, a celebrity rumor, a new species of bear in South America, it’s all exciting. You feel important and powerful and… special, definitely special. You know something no one else does, and even though they don’t know it yet they REALLY want to know it too. And because you’re a caring person you’ll share it with them at the most opportune time that will allow for the best reaction out of them possible.

I thought this was happening to me weeks ago as Jimmy Grants, located in Fitzroy, was being born into the world. Only I didn’t know it was Jimmy Grants, not at all. Every time we’d shop at our local Woolworths we’d catch a glimpse of the place. At first the neon blue installation led us to believe a pharmacy was being built. As time passed and we could finally see inside we suspected it was to be a restaurant. We promised to check it out as soon as it opened so that just in case it was delicious it would become our little secret to share with our friends.

But the joke was on us – big time. Once the doors of Jimmy Grants opened there were lines spilling out onto the Woolworths parking lot day in and day out. We were such fools not knowing this was THEE Jimmy Grants, the one with the cult following everyone in Melbourne has been waiting for. About two weeks ago the crowds stopped harassing the place and it became of normal occupancy: packed to the brim with no overflow. That’s when we came by, and now we can’t stop going!

It’s everything about Jimmy Grants that keeps us going back. The atmosphere, which makes you feel like you’re back in greece with the music pumping and the sun shinning even in this sucky Melbourne weather. The staff, which are so friendly you get excited to try their food. The open kitchen, which reassures you that your meal will be tasty. The desserts, which fill me up just perfectly after every lamb souvlaki. And how cute does Jack look holding his Souvlaki?

It’s just such an easy, fun, no fuss meal. You walk through the threshold, you order either at the kitchen or the drinks counter, you take a seat, it comes to you, it’s perfect. We have ordered one of the Mr. Papadopoulos (lamb, mustard aoli, chips onion and parsley) for $8, one of the Nona Maria (chicken, mustard aoli, chips, onion and parsley) for $7.5 and a Jimmy’s Wheel for dessert every time, then we choose who will have what once it arrives. I do prefer the lamb though, and we should try something different but when cravings come to calling I just can’t pass up my usual souvlaki.

I really, REALLY can’t wait for you to try it! What am I saying? You probably beat me to it.

Jimmy Grants 

113 St David Street Fitzroy VIC 3065 ‎

Open from 11am – 10pm EVERYDAY

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