Ah! You’ve made it! And you’re early. How exciting, yet embarrassing for me.

Please ignore the chocolate stains on my shirt I haven’t been able to do laundry. Oh, and I’m sorry about that popcorn smell, we watched the entire season of Wet Hot American Summer last night. Come in and welcome to my home in the internet! Grab a seat by the fire.

Within the walls of my little home you will find stories about food, details about meals had around the world, travel photos and anecdotes, names of restaurants and the reasons why I really feel you must visit them, and easy recipes I need to remember. Sometimes you’ll also find normal posts about life things. I wouldn’t want you to think my only interest is food and travel (… she says as she takes a bite of her arepa and watches the melted butter drips on her lap with as Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown plays in the background).

I have grown to love this place with all my heart. It was born from my adoration for food, writing, photography and sharing stories, and a little bit of loneliness.

In 2011 I moved from New York City to Melbourne only knowing one person, Jack. I hadn’t realized this city was a paradise for eaters. It was too hard, with the time difference, to call my mom and sister back in the States just to share details about the thickness of the bacon (and this style of coffee called flat white, and the people’s obsession with avocado, and the fact that a bowl of chips constitutes as a meal here). Sending pictures through Whatsapp wouldn’t suffice. So I put together pictures and text on this very blog and sent each story straight to their inbox. I suspect they both now have extremely full To Be Read Urgently folders in gmail.

Fast forward few years, give and take a few months, and this blog has become my most trusted friend and loyal companion, alongside Jack.

All photographs are copyright to Bianca Cuffia.
(I’ve always wanted to say that)

Contact: wherefoodisiam@gmail.com