In general, as a society, we have gotten a bit lazy and our attention spans are going extinct.* We’ve got cookbooks about making dinner in 2 minutes, workout programs that are 10 minutes long and heated discussions over trailers instead of movies.

This phenomenon makes it hard to recommend TV shows and films to my friends, families and baristas. I mean, am I the only that takes the age old questions, “what should I stream on Netflix tonight?” and “What show should I get into next?” so seriously. I doubt it. But these days, there are so many details about a person’s life to take into account before giving your opinion, like:what was the last thing you watched and liked,what size is your TV, do you use your computer, how many minutes per night are you willing to dedicate, will you be making popcorn, what is your stance on piracy, do you have a dog or a cat, etc.

There is nothing that weirds me out more than when a friend can’t talk about an episode of House of Cards yet because she’s only watched half of it. On purpose. I would never do that, but I will admit I am lazy sometimes too. Of course I am!

A friend recommended a show called The Bridge a few months ago. He ended the explanation of why I MUST watch this show with, “oh and one thing. The show is actually called Bron/Broen because it’s in Swedish and Danish. It has subtitles, but you won’t even notice.”

I was like, um, yuck, that’s way too much work. He might as well have tied a brick to his recommendation and thrown it in the river. I couldn’t commit to that.

Now, fast forward a few months. We were in Stockholm and yearned to learn the language. So, we finally decided to give the show a go. Isn’t that how everyone learns a new language? SEE! So very lazy.

I won’t say too much in case you haven’t seen this magnificent television program yet, but IT IS SO GOOD! We completely devoured the first season. And not once did I even think, you know, this whole subtitle thing is really tough to get through.

If you’re currently on the hunt for a new show, and my tested hypothesis is that 63% of you are, give BRON/BROEN a try. You will not regret it. And don’t you dare watch the US version. Stick to the original. Yea, I’m watching you.

*this is a total generalization so feel free to NOT write me saying you’re the exception. Write me saying where you’ll be eating this weekend because… HAPPY FRIDAY!! I’ll be here.

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