Melbourne’s Biggest Pizza!

Shawcross Pizza

It finally happened! We can tick it off the Bucket List! We had the 22 inch, hand stretched pizza from Shawcross in Fitzroy delivered to our house. You remember Shawcross don’t you? (Allow me to link my original post in case you don’t.)

I’ve been wanting to try the 22 inch pizza since Shawcross opened, back when it was still just an idea in the execution process. Those large delivery boxes are custom made you see; it’s not every joe schmo that offers up this kind of goodness straight to your door.

It was a Friday night, the footy was on and we were two beers deep. On their way over our friends mentioned they were suffering from enormous amounts of hunger and threw out the idea of ordering pizza. I caught that idea and ran with it: the 22 inch USA Today was ordered.

It arrived within 30 minutes, but it was 45 before we actually cracked it open. It only took 15 minutes to rearrange the living room and work out the most logical place to let that bad boy live. Oh, and we also took pictures.

Once opened, my previous 2 slices per person estimation immediately flew out the window. The boys did their part, but as delicious as the pizza was, AND ALWAYS IS, I managed 1 and 1/2 slices*.

I had already started to like watching footy but if this whole 22 inch pizza during Friday night footy starts being a thing I might just become Essendon’s biggest fan (I love you Dyson Heppell!).

Shawcross Pizza Joint 
324 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Call: 9419 9596

* I’m working up to do the 22′ Challenge happening at Shawcross at the moment: Finish a 22′ and you win a t-shirt. Beat the record and they’ll throw in a slab of beer. A little part of me thinks I should give up now.

Shawcross Pizza 22 INCH Pizza MelbourneShawcross Pizza


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