Lucerne’s Golden Round Trip You Asked About.

What is the Golden Round Trip I mentioned  in this post but rudely never described?

The Golden Round Trip starts off with a boat ride across Lake Lucerne delivering stunning views. You get off the boat and speed walk to be first in line for the Mount Pilatus Cog Railway. It’s the steepest cog railway in the world, making it the most terrifying.

“Expert” tip: Try to sit in the last row of the car, you will get all view instead of your fellow traveler’s heads. 

After about a 35 minute ride, you’ll find yourself at the top of Mount Pilatus! Mount Pilatus! Can you believe it?  The Swiss Alps will be your neighbors, the clouds your friends, and the birds your enemy. Two minutes into oh-ing and aw-ing of the panoramic views a bird went #2 on my dad’s neck*. It was hilarious, and I’m being honest when I say I hope it also happens to someone you’re with. Not you though, of course.

Everything is triple the money, but you can actually spend the entire day there; they have bars, restaurants, a hotel, a gift shop and more. I enjoyed relaxing on the raggedy lawn chairs and cheering on tired, ecstatic hikers. It was a four-hour hike for the only guy I built up the courage to talk to and he said he never felt so good! It was inspiring.

I was loving life until I realized what the too-full cable cars were for. Fear swept through me again. My mom and I shared a beer and hoped for the best. The view was splendid of course, but I was too busy trying not to pee my pants. My parents though I was lying, since I had been sky diving in New Zealand, but I don’t particularly enjoy slow things. I’m terrified of ferris wheels, roller coasters are an ally. You get it.

The large cable car drops you at a smaller mountain within a few minutes. There you can find lugging, a rope course, and more restaurants. We lugged; I’m not afraid to say I’m a speed machine.  When you decide you’ve had enough, a comfortable four person gondola takes you down the city called Kriens and a bus takes you back to where you started. The bus is where you’ll start reminiscing.

*I chickened out of posting a picture of it.

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