Thank the Food Sellers of Lucerne for Portion Control!

I like to take advantage of the title Tourist when I have it. So while in Lucerne, Switzerland we’d buy Swiss army knives, have fondue, devour chocolate, pretend to be interested in buying a Rolex and take the Golden Roundtrip to Mount Pilatus.The weather seemed perfect for a Golden Roundtrip; it was perfect weather for anything, really.

So being the humble tourists we woke up early to walk through one of Lucerne’s land mark on our way to the ferry station. The Chapel Bridge is adorable, but the paintings you see as your slowly walk to the other side of Lake Lucerne is where it gets serious. The paintings were added in the 17th century and are all illustrations of Swiss and local history. We only opted out of the Chapel Bridge walking tour because something else caught my eye; an outdoor food market conveniently placed between the Chapel Bridge and the ferry station. Can you believe it? We were stuck! The nerve!

I’ve been to plenty of markets, yes, but none of those had the mountains of Lucerne as a backdrop and German as their language. We took samples from almost every tent, we couldn’t help but taste everything. When we got full we fed the swans with our leftovers. But somehow we were starving by the time we got to the Salami and Cheese tent. We had absolutely no choice but to get lunch.

First, we bought Strawberries to be “healthy”, but soon took a turn for the worst. Salami, Parmesan, Portobello and Swizz cheese were all purchased in one go. To finish, we got two loafs of pane ticinese, a soft and tasty white bread distinguiashle by it’s shape. It was decided, we’d have a picnic on the first leg of the Golden Roundtrip; a ferry ride.

I have to admit, it wasn’t until after the food was gone that I could appreciate the heart achingly beautiful scenery. Thank the food sellers of Lucerne for portion control!

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