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I’m going to cut the banana split and just say it: I’m a self proclaimed Banoffee pie expert. Yes, I know being “self proclaimed” isn’t something to be shouting from your blog or even much of an impressive #humblebrag, but if other people wont do it someone has to. Fact is fact. Few people have tried my Banoffee pie, but all have loved it. Why then haven’t I shared my secret and recently perfected recipe with you all yet? I’ve got to keep something to myself, see. There’s not much I’m better at than other people when it comes to desserts, but this is one of them. I will share it with you at some point, in the years to come, but in the meantime I have more exciting Banoffee pie information to share!

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Good news first? Well, split the heavens in two, sound the trumpets, and maybe book some tiny angels to fly around because there’s a Banoffee pie porridge in our Melbourne midsts. Yes, that is a Banoffee pie in the form of a “healthy” porridge that you (and I) can have for breakfast. Now the bad news. Unless you are currently living in Brunswick, the cafe where you can get this dream breakfast, winner of the top ten new cafes for the Age’s GoodCafe Guide in 2013, Lolo & Wren may feel like a trek to get to. We enlisted google maps to help us and we live in Fitzroy.

Lolo & Wrenbanoffee pie porridge banoffee pie porridge chili poached eggs

Don’t let bad news get you down though! Trust me, it’s completely and utterly worth it. The coffee is strong and delicious, the staff is thoughtful, and the poached eggs were to perfection. They even gave Jack extra chili on the side. They also make a dish called crispy croque monsieur that I’m itching to try. Just keep Lolo & Wren in your back pocked for a bright, sunny, lazy Sunday when you have nowhere to be and all the time in the world to get lost.

Warning: Banoffee pie may be big enough to be shared by two. Or, and hear me out, if everyone in your group is feeling like something salty, it works fantastically as an after breakfast dessert.

Happy Monday!

Lolo & Wren  

484 Albion st, Brunswick West , Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3055

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