Living and Learning. And Eating.


I like to order my own food. I like to look my waiter and look him/her in the eye and judge even the slightest reaction. It’s just preference,  but isn’t it the worst when someone orders for you without even asking if they should! While I think it usually happens on dates, I experienced it with my mother. At Dunkin’ Donuts; a place with such a simple menu my one year old nephew would get it right.

We were second in line to order when my mom asked what I was getting. In my most excited tone I said a cappuccino with two shots, and an everything bagel. She nodded and approved, she thought it was wonderful. So did I! We almost never let ourselves indulge in Dunkin’ Donuts.

When we got up to the counter though, she ordered two brewed coffees and two glazed doughnuts, then answered “no” to the age old question  “anything more?” which, if I could point out, was directed at me.

I was stunned! Who is this woman who thinks she can just 1) order for me, 2) order the exact opposite of what I want, 3) speak on my behalf.

Then I remembered. Oh, yea. It’s my mom. That one I absolutely love – unconditionally. The one who is only trying to feed me because she loves me back. That one that I can never be mad at, especially because of a food order. Or… can I? On that 5 second walk to our table, as I stopped to pick up napkins, I swear the inside of my head was fuming with a burning red fire and a lot of smoke.

Very predictably I ended up scoffing down my glazed doughnut, as well as the coffee, and making a promise to never light the inside of head on fire again. It turns out I’m a wimp who loves spending time with her mom too much and who just needs some food to be calmed down.

But I swear if a boy ever orders a meal for me without asking I’ll get em!

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