Lindt Excellence Chocolate Mousse and More Chocolate!

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I did something on a Tuesday night that holds weekend level of excitement. I spent the night at the Lindt Chocolate Creations Class with Maitre Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler. Jack gave it to me for my birthday back in July. What a dumby I was for waiting so long to go because it made for the sweetest, most fantastic night for both me and Marieclaire, my date.

As we walked through the threshold of the Lindt Chocolate Cafe on Collins Street chocolate cherry milkshakes were thrust into our hands, and so the fun began.We started off with the basics. The smell, taste and touch of chocolate. We learned how a chocolate should sound as it’s breaking in your fingers, how it should melt in your mouth. It’s weird taking the time to actually have a moment with a piece of chocolate.

We were learning where chocolate beans actually come from and the long journey they take to become blocks. The very kind staff passed around different blocks for tasting; a white coconut chocolate, an orange and pistache chocolate, then a cherry dark one, then a caramel. They didn’t explain that the white plate in front of me was for setting my leftovers. Apparently you’re not meant to eat the entire sample. You’re meant to simply taste it and move on to the next one.

I won’t tell you much more because I really think you should treat yourself to this class! If learning about chocolate doesn’t interest you though, I will tell you that you walk away with more chocolate than you’ve ever had at once (save halloween, of course). We made personalized Lindt chocolate blocks, and deliciously impressive macaroons (mine were all chocolate peanut butter and caramel). You also get 3 Lindt Chocolate blocks of varied flavors, a bag of the chocolate balls and more. Oh, and if you win the prize of most original personalized chocolate block you could get even more chocolate. Marieclaire would know, she wont it!

It’s a chocolate lovers dream I tell you!

Maitre Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler also shared his recipe for the Lindt excellence chocolate mousse, which is below! I made it for Jack, chocolate mousse is his favorite dessert to have at home. It’s like he sent me on purpose. While it was truly delicious, the recipe was a bit hard to follow for me. So below is a simplified version that worked for me. You’ll have to check out the class if you want the original!

Lindt Excellence Chocolate Mousse
Adapted from Thomas Schnetzler
Serves 8 (or 2 in the span of 2 days)

What you’ll need:

200g of Lindt 70% cocoa blocks
200 ml Pure Cream
5 Eggs separated
Pinch Sea Salt
50g Caster Sugar
30 ml Vanilla Essence

What You’ll Do:

Break up the 200 g of 70% cocoa blocks and melt them in a glass bowl over boiling water (we did this for the flour-less chocolate cake with Chiara). Once it’s melted set aside.

Whisk together the egg yolks and 1/3 of the sugar.

In another bowl whip the cream to ribbon stage.

In another bowl make a meringue with a spatula and add the 30ml of vanilla essence.

Pour the mousse into a clean bowl and cover it with cling film. Allow the mousse to sit in the fridge for 2 hours.

And enjoy! Easy as a cucumber.

Lindt Chocolate Café

271 Collins Street, Melbourne

Classes are held the first Tuesday of every month 

Call (03) 9667 0900 to Book

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