Let The Good Times Roll with Gelato Messina

Messina Gelato photo 3

If you’re looking for a crazy, fun inducing, once in a life time experience, rippin’ good night out with pumping loud music in Sydney, Australia look no further than Gelato Messina.

Even though there are multiple locations around Sydney, you are bound to hit a long line on any night. BUT! don’t worry, there are no bouncers and a relatively short wait. There are also no age restrictions as Messina is proven to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. You won’t even need your ID. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of people inside and can’t yell loud enough over the music or you can’t lock eye contact with one of the smiley staffers before the enemy next to you gets their order in, just feel the rhythm of the music and give them a nice bump of the hip to get them the hell out of your way. This is your night out in Sydney and ice cream will be had… is what you should think in your head, as you smile, bop your head apologetically, and order.

Don’t feel rushed to order any one flavor straight away. The staff kindly encourages the tasting of as many different flavors as your heart desires. For the love of dairy (and gluton free options, which are available in abundance!) don’t waste an opportunity like that! Also, don’t you dare ignore the specials menu. They have 5-6 specials every day, with at least one new flavor. What a pity it would be to miss out on something like the NY Style Cheesecake gelato.

Me? What did I have? I devoured a salted caramel with white chocolate gelato on a cone, please. I’d be completely lying, and embarrassing myself if I said I didn’t want that flavor of gelato served at my wedding… one day… far away in the future. (Whoops! Wedding! Did I type that out loud?) Oh, and speaking of events in which it is acceptable to customize food only to your liking without being judged, my birthday is coming up! What I wouldn’t give up to have a homemade, full bodied deliciously creative cake made with love and gelato from The Creative Department (Messina’s Laboratorio and Patisserie) is very little.

Messina, I know you’re busy, but if you are by any chance get some free time feel free to open up in Melbourne!


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