Le Bangkok at a Comedy Festival Near You, In Melbourne

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There is a slight chance you may be one of us. “Us”, in this instance, being people who only go into the Melbourne CBD for specific reasons therefor have not had a chance of building a roster of go-to eating places. Unfortunately, at the same time that you are finding out about this much sought after group and joining it, we must leave it. It’s not out of choice, it’s out of loyalty.

We’ve been spending a lot of time around the Melbourne Town Hall laughing from one Melbourne comedy festival show to the next, and unsuccesfully attempting to flyer for Jack’s own show. In the midst of all that hard work though we managed to find ourselves building our roster of CBD restaurants. It’s sad, but we just don’t belong with you guys anymore.

Le Bangkok is the one we trust and depend on most so far. It’s a classy, small thai place on Lonsdale Street that always asks if we’ve made a reservation but manages to find us a table straight away.

I love Le Bangkok because it makes me feel like I’ve made the effort to go somewhere nice on a date with my boyfriend, but at heart it’s really just the place my best friend and I have quickly and without much thought chosen for dinner. It’s best of both worlds really, especially because the food is great. Every time.

I alternate between the Pad Khee Mao and the Pad See Eew Gai, both flat rice noodle dishes; one with chicken, one with beef. The Pad See Eew Gai is relaxing, soft, comforting and delicious. The plate might look large but trust me, dont share.

The Pad Khee Mao though is not for the faint of heart. It’s very spicy. It’s spicy to the point where I’m making noises across the table to Jack instead of making conversation. The pain is self induced; I’m the one who’s adding chunks of whole chili when I can clearly see how many chili flakes are in my bite.

The Pad Khee Mao comes with green beans, and due to my secret and unexplainable vendetta against green beans they were all left all over my plate. As our waitress cleared it away she explained the flat noodle dish is prepared a certain way, but the green beans can certainly be swapped out for something different next time. She did two things here: 1) she made me think of le Bangkok as a thoughtful friend who would accomodate me and make me feel safe, 2) she made me want to go again. Soon. Now.

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