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We went for a weekend trip to Daylesford, Victoria’s wine and spa county, recently and if I learned one thing it’s that everyone – yes, even you – should spend an afternoon at Lavandula Swiss Italian Farms with your favorite people.

There was 8 of us all together and no one was that excited about going. We didn’t know what to expect or if the lavender was indeed blooming, but thankfully as a tourist you tend to always just go and see what you find. My dad was hoping for red wine, my mom was hoping for farm animals and I for a delicious cafe. Everything we wanted we got. The gorgeous scenery was just a bonus, and the bocce was the cherry on top.

For only $4 you can get in and then the fun starts. As we walked through the barn shops we were told to take part in the workshop that was being help to explain the complexities of processing lavender. We were excited to learn until we hit La Trattoria. It’s the gorgeous, airy cafe sitting in the middle of the property with an outdoor area amidst the yellow trunked ash trees. The cafe’s interior is so beautiful you’d actually have a hard time choosing between sitting inside or out. My dad accidentally ordered a bottle of red wine, a cheese plate, and a pate at the exact time the tour was booked for so we missed it. Oh, and we got a delicious cake with lavender cream for dessert too!

Sadly, the lavender wasn’t blooming yet. I have to say though, I loved going in September. There were no crowds, the farm animals were all ours to play with, and the food was out to us quickly. There aren’t many places like Lavandula where you can sit at a large table with a group of people you love, having a drink in the middle of the day, surrounded by fields of paradise. But out of the few that I’ve been to, so far,  this one is by far my favorite.

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farms 

350 Hepburn-Newstead Rd  Shepherds Flat VIC 3461, Australia

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