Lattee Art: The Championship!

My boyfriend thinks I’m addicted to coffee. To let me know he supports my addiction he got me free tickets to the Melbourne International Coffee Exposition through work. And he even came with me.

Held at the Melbourne Show Ground, the coffee expo was everything I though it would be: the pungent aroma, the coffee, coffee vendors, educators, baristas, coffee machines, coffe beans, coffee enthusiast and one opera singer.

Realizing that every single person was some sort of coffee connoisseur, I decided to avoid eye contact with anyone that looked like they would spark up a conversation. I would sneak to the side of the busiest tent and asked for three espressos. Two for me, one for Jack. I was hungover. We had most of our fun eavesdropping on other peoples conversations. While I love a good flat white or macchiato, I know nothing about the details, procedures, or techniques behind any of it. It’s really a whole other world.

Then, out of nowhere, music started blasting, making it hard for us to eavesdrop without being noticed. We did the only thing you do when you hear unexpected music; we followed it. It lead us to one of the most unintentionally exciting competitions we have ever experienced. The Latte Art Championship! I can check that off my bucket list.

I’ve always wanted to know how exactly how they made that flower so perfect, not to mention the fire breathing snake I was once dazzled by. How do those geniuses posing as mere artists do it? It is a swan or a dragon? Maybe two swans looking the opposite way? I don’t know, but I was beyond fascinated.

Each barista had a total of 7 minutes and 45 seconds to make 9 lattes for 3 judges. They had to recreate 3 previously picked out designs. If they mest up, they could re-do the whole lattee, but all the baristas that did went over the time limit. It was as thrilling as it was nerve-racking to watch! There were 2 hand held cameras covering the action, 2 big screen TVs on either of area showing the footage, loud music the baristas would bob their head to, two crappy announcers commenting on every move, the audience clapping and wow-ing at every completed latte, and the judges silently tearing apart every stroke of the art.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think anything like this existed!


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