La Condesa, I’ll See You This Weekend!

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It’s here! A new Mexican eatery in Fitzroy, and we are over the moon happy about it. We want to shout it from the roof tops, we want to shower it with gifts from faraway lands, we also really can’t wait for the actual restaurant to open. Strange? Yes! As of right now La Condesa, our long awaited savior of everything tacos, has not fully opened but is gathering a small and strong following serving food out of the back kitchen and into it’s tiny courtyard.

We weren’t always this excited about it. We were nervous before trying it. What if we didn’t like it? What if it failed us?

I loved it as soon as I saw it though.  It felt very Brooklyn and East Village-y to me. People eating on the sidewalk covering Chapel Street, graffiti walls on all fronts, stringy lights above our heads, a warm summery night, and Jack sitting nervously in front of me. Except this time he wasn’t nervous because it was our first date, he was just hoping the tacos would be worth the $4 each we paid for them. Spoiler alert: They were!

We tried the spicy chorizo, marinated steak and fish. The person in front of me ordered the last of the corn and simultaneously became the most hated person outside. We tried their selection of homemade salsa on our tacos; they all now seem necessary and useful. I, predictably, couldn’t choose a favorite taco I was too busy nodding at Jack with a full mouth signaling that I completely approved of the meal. He just came right out and said it, then added that he liked the marinated steak the best. We were SO close to going back up and ordering more, but were good and left it at that. Wouldn’t want to overly indulge on our first of many visits.

La Condesa, we are anxiously and devotedly awaiting your full opening. We, for two, will welcome you with open stomachs and full hearts.

La Condesa 
234 Johnston Street, Fitzroy
Wed to Sun, 11.30am-late


Trying to sneak into the kitchen and steal all their culinary secrets!

Trying to sneak into the kitchen and steal all their culinary secrets!

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