La Condesa Has Made It’s Way Inside.

La Condesa

Do you remember that small, Mexican taqueria in Fitzroy I was ranting and raving about this past summer? The outdoor one with the brooklyn-y and east village-y feel. You know, the one with the delicious $4 tacos whose grand opening we were waiting for? Click here to remember.

Well, to coincide with the start of Autumn they closed their back patio they were serving food from a few months ago, and made their way inside. La Condesa’s front portion is open, fully functioning and ready to serve you.

While there are lots of changes/additions to the menu, the heart and soul of La Condesa is the same: Great Mexican food, the friendliest of service, and the perfect atmosphere for a good time.

Some tips on the menu: 

A mix of any 3 tacos for $12.
(Not to push any particular taco on you because I like them all, but I lOVE THE FISH TACO!)

That delicious cup of corn with chili and cheese was taken off the menu, we are all saddened by it and are hoping it will make it’s way back next summer.

The cocktails on tap are always ace, if you’re in the mood for such fancy things.

Torta Ahogada (pulled pork rolls, with beans, coriander, pickled onion and tomato salsa broth) (pictured above) is the favorite dish of the moment, try it and let me know what you think.

 La Condesa Taqueria
234 Johnston Street Fitzroy, VIC 3065
Close: Mon & Tues

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