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Pressed Juices

Setting: 7:30am. Juice Generation on 42nd street. A bustling New York City morning.

I ordered a 20 oz serving of their delicious Very Veggie juice (carrot, apple, beet, spinach, lemon, turmeric) (hold the apple, add some orange) and waited patiently on the other side of the counter for my order number to be yelled out. The upbeat, funky sounds of Juice Generation at peak hour kept me entertained: top 40 music was playing, blending machines were roaring, chatter from my fellow “health enthusiasts” was echoing, knifes were hitting cutting boards as beetroot was chopped. The chime of the register synced all the sounds together. I was having fun! What a great atmosphere to experience in the early morning hours of 7:30am.

#450 was not my order number but it caught my eye as it hit the counter. A green shot was served on a small plate next to a perfectly peeled orange slice. Next came a 20 oz cup of something purple. I can only assume it was blueberry, but you never know these days.

A confident, older man walked up the counter, grabbed the plate, looked around with an “I’m the boss” attitude and took the shot like a champ. He dug his teeth into the orange with a grin to cement the fact that he was, indeed, a champ. He then grabbed his freshly pressed juice and danced back over to his group of coworkers who were all holding their own colourful cups. They looked like they were having so much fun and I wanted in.

I took out my laptop and wrote my friends an email. It went something like this:


I want to start by saying I love every single one of you and you are all really, really cool.

I’m also writing to say that I will no longer be taking shots of liquor. I am a committed and loyal fruit and veggie shot taker now. I’m talking Le Detox shots, Blue-Green Algae shots, Defender Shots. Heck, I’d even do a good ol’ Energy shot.

See the image attached for more shot options.

Remember last weekend when we, for some reason, decided that taking shots of tequila before and after dinner was good a idea. Well, those nights are behind me. Call me responsible, call me a goodie too shoes, I don’t care. But please do call me at 7:30am as you walk into Juice Generation. I’ll be the one by the fridge at the back contemplating which packaged juice to buy.

Shots are on me!

Love ya,


Juice Generation

Juice Generation
Juicing NYC since 1999
122 E 42nd Street btw Park & Lex
New York, NY 10168

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