Jamie’s Italian in London

One of my top three favorite things in the world is going for a long, delicious meals with great company. And when this happens randomly it becomes favorite number 2.

It was a summer Friday and I didn’t have much going on, neither did one of my favorite friends in the world, MC. So we decided  on a trip to the Stratford mall called Westfield, the one built next to the Olympic Park, where there just happens to be a Jamie’s Italian

After a lot of walking, trying on, putting back and a lot of window shopping, I suggested we treat ourselves to a treat. We weren’t hungry per se and it was around 5pm but I couldn’t pass up supporting Jamie Oliver when I was so close.  I had been before and always devoured the black angel spagetti with squid ink pasta to be exact. This time were looking for a semi-healthy meal so we ordered a carafe of Merlot while deciding on six appetizers and a dessert.

Unless I’m having a specific dish that’s been recommended to me or I love, sharing has become my new favorite way of eat. You can try all of the different flavors then mix and match the ones you like best together to get an even better plate; oh, I think it’s just truly the most fun a person can have at a mall.

We got the chestnut mushrooms with smoked mozzarelle, thyme and crispy bread, the caprese salad, crispy stuffed risotto balls, the steaming sprouting broccoli, the posh chips with truffle oil and parmesan cheese, and the fennel and apple salad. A little something for every taste bud.

It was one of those meals you want to last forever and I feel like it could have, had it not been for the dinner plans we completely ignored we had.

You may not know this about me yet but I love Jamie Oliver. I would be that creepy girl that would would pick a love song to kareoke, dedicate it to him and sing it with as much passion as possible. It’s just the best way I know how to say thank you.

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